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Product Overview

The kuandoBOX connects the desk phone to the computer and then updates the presence status in Skype for Business/Lync and Jabber to “Busy” when talking on the desk phone.

Simply connect the kuandoBOX to the phone and computer, download and install the software, and you are all set!

The kuandoBOX supports corded or wireless headsets and desk phones. It does not support dongle-based headsets or mobile phones.


How it works

The kuandoBOX is a simple box solution that connects the phone to the computer and displays the user’s “presence status” on Skype for Business, Lync, and Jabber when they are talking on the phone.



Without the kuandoBOX integration between PBX desk phones and Skype for Business/Lync/Jabber, co-workers cannot see when a call is taking place. This causes unintended and unwanted interruptions. And with office environments becoming more open and collaborative, the amount of distractions someone experiences in a single work day multiplies, causing more stress and confusion.

To help eliminate and minimize the amount of interruptions and distractions, the kuandoBOX comes with a power and innovative “Presence Status” light. This is the perfect tool for fast growing and collaborative work environments or for one of the thousands of companies moving toward unified communications. Incorporating kuandoBOX into your PC set up will minimize distractions and maximize productivity and the quality of work.