kuando Busylight WorkSpaces Start-up Pack - Flexible Spaces (EUR)

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Product Overview

Motion sensor + Busylight WS

The 5 units Start-up Pack


Get visible status for your flexible Meeting rooms

Busylight WS for Flexible Meeting rooms

The Start-up Pack consist of:

5x Busylight WS Omega 

5X Motion Sensors 

1x Gateway – Cellular 

1 Year Service Fee

Following year: Service Fee 36€/Meeting room/Year


Get a visible status outside the flexible (first-come, first-taken) meeting rooms.

A motion sensor inside the meeting room will activate the busylight outside the room.

Busylight displays the availability status based on motions, keeping colleagues informed about the meeting room’s current status.

Red = Busy

Green = Available


The Busylight WS is per default powered by 5V power adaptor.

Busylight WS is compliant with PoE. Order the special PoE adaptor on this shop.


How to get started?

Setup is simple.

  1. Gather your 5x Busylights WS + 5x Sensors + your LoraWAN gateway to begin your journey into Busylight WS for meeting rooms
  2. Follow the instructions to connect and get started.