kuando Busylight WorkSpaces Start-up Pack - Flexible Spaces (US)

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Product Overview

Plenom introduces the kuando Busylight WorkSpaces Utilizing the kuando Busylight IoT for LoRaWAN.

The Start-up Pack consist of:

5x Busylight IoT Omega

5x Motion Sensor PIR

1x Gateway - Cellular

Bookable Spaces – Microsoft 365

The solution offers a simple and easy way to get a visible status in your Microsoft 365 Spaces.

The solution integrates with all your Microsoft 365 Spaces – created as a resource in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

It monitors the booking status and updates the Busylights in real-time.

Flexible and non-bookable spaces?

Do you have flexible and non-bookable workspaces, such as small meeting rooms, desks, telephone booths, huddle rooms, changing rooms, or restrooms?

If so, kuando Busylight WorkSpaces can support these spaces by incorporating a motion sensor at each location.

This installation allows the Busylight to display the availability status, keeping users informed about the workspaces’ current status.